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I know I haven’t posted on here for awhile but I’m going to try to post more often. BrainBaptism, my Twitter account is updated on a daily basis though so if you want short insightful messages, you can read them on there. The goal of this site is to present insightful topics and spread good vibes. This is my psychedelic blog and I’m glad you’re here :)
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Do We Really Exist?

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Religon: Christianity

Today, I’m writing specifically about Christianity.  I was doing some meditating and learned a few things.  Firstly, I went to church for 12 years and was baptized when I was younger, so I know the Bible well and also know the facts.  One of my friends came up with a question that stumped the pastor and it grabbed my mind’s attention that maybe this isn’t some divine relationship.  The conversation went like this:

Friend: If a newborn, baby, or even toddler who isn’t developed enough to understand language or the idea that Jesus died for your sins, will they go to Hell if they die?

Pastor:  That’s tricky… But yes.

Friend:  Well that doesn’t sound like an action of a just and fair god.

Pastor: (after some thought and reading from the Bible) Actually, newborns and babies will go to heaven.

Friend:  Well since 99% of people aren’t going to heaven according to the Bible, should I go into a hospital and kill all the babies so they all go to heaven?  It would be selfish not to.

This conversation has stuck with me and I’ve thought about it for hours.  There are flaws in the Bible, it’s just a fact.  Once more, the Bible describes God as being righteous, holy, unselfish, and whole barrage of other “divine” adjectives.  It also says in the Bible we were put on Earth to serve God and share his message with the world.  This sounds fine and dandy but when you truly analyze it, it seems very selfish to me for an all powerful god to create us to worship and serve him.  If you believe in Christianity, I have no problem with that and 100% respect your beliefs.  These are just my personal opinions and thoughts that come into my mind and I thought I would share since tomorrow is Easter.  I’d love to hear feedback or your ideas on this topic.


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I have begun my clothing campaign.  This is the first shirt I am releasing.  I can make these shirts in any shade (black, purple, gold , green, blue, etc.).  These are beautifully made, high quality, eye grabbing shirts that are sure to get lots of compliments.  These shirts are $19.99 and will only be available for a limited amount of time so order while you can.  Expected delivery is 3-5 business days.  After ordering from the link below, shoot me an email at [email protected] with your shipping address as well as the color and size you would like.  I’m so excited for this, thank you for all the continued support.  I truly appreciate every single one of my followers.

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Do We Really Exist?

Do We Really Exist?

First, is the universe infinite?  If so good. If not, the real question is how can it not be infinite? If there’s something around it or an end point, there has to be something around it or enclosing that. So you go to the end of that and the cycle repeats. The problem is infinity doesn’t exist. You can find nothing infinite on earth. So, the only time when it can exist is in your mind. Therefore we are nothing but a thought. We are all a creation of the combined human conscience. We live through each other, that’s why when someone dies you mourn for them. We all exist as one, one communal being. When you die, you are recycled through consciousness to help create the universe. Therefore everything around you is the same as you. A thought. You do not exist. Only through your mind are you alive, but then again that doesn’t exist either.

Give me your input in the comments.


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New T-Shirt Idea

Today, I’ve come up with a new T-shirt idea.  Any feedback you leave me with will be taken into consideration.  Thanks for all the support